Friday, October 9, 2009

Deepa Raya Celebration

Hi folks in Bandar Sunway,

Please come to the Deepa Raya celebration in PJS 9.
Date: 11th Oct 2009
Time: 7PM - 10.30PM
Place: The Park where the basket ball court is, in Jalan PJS 9/14, Bandar Sunway

Celebration will be attended by
1. YB Loh Gwo Burne (MP Kelana Jaya)
2. YB Hannah Yeoh (Adun Subang Jaya)

The event is jointly organzied by BSRA and JKP Zon 2.
There will be plenty of food, fun, fellowship with your neighbours. Plus you get a chance to meet with YB Loh Gwo Burne (MP Kelana Jaya) and YB Hannah Yeoh (Adun Subang Jaya).
Please bring your family to this joyous celebration.

We would like to thank Taylor's University College and Suncity for the generous support for this event.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BSRA's Presidential greeting Aug 2009

Warm Greetings to the residents of Bandar Sunway,

I am Balakrishna A/L Arumugam, the president of BSRA (Bandar Sunway Resident Association) for year 2009/2010. The Bandar Sunway Resident’s Association, established in 1995, is also known as Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Sunway (Nombor Sijil Pendaftaran : 5725/95, Selangor).
First of all, I would like to thank the BSRA members for electing me as the BSRA president for year 2009/2010. On behalf of the Bandar Sunway residents, I thank the past BSRA committee for the wonderful job they have done to make Bandar Sunway a better place to live in. We shall, as the committee for 2009/2010, endeavour to continue the good work achieved by the previous committees.
It gives me great pleasure to announce the elected BSRA committee for year 2009/2010 below:
Mr. Balakrishnan A/L Arumugam (012-2016949)
Vice President:
Mr. Chandrasagar A/L Chellamuthu (012-2641458)
Ms. Mukuntala Devi A/P Sivagamae (012-2001269)
Asst Secretary:
Mr. Balakrishnan Manickam (012-6553985)
Ms See Kee Hiong (012-6566794)
Committee Members:
Mr. Ayapanaido A/L Virapniakam
Mr. Jong Soon Kee
Mr. Karunanethi A/L Toredas
Mr. Krishna Kumar A/L Kylasam
Mr. Lakchumanan A/L Aplanaidu
Mr. Lim Ho Choy
Mr. Loo Kong Wah
Mr. Sathiyaseelan A/L Vasupillai
Mr. Tan Teong Boon
Mr. Yogendran Muthusamy
Mr Ong Khoon Hoe
Mr. Selvaraj A/L T Manickam

As part of the program to further raise awareness of the existence and role of BSRA, the BSRA committee started this Blog to communicate and actively engage with the residents of Bandar Sunway. We invite you to sign up as member to the BSRA blog so that you can be informed of the BSRA's activities, news and events in Bandar Sunway.
Your feedback is welcome and will be highly appreciated.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any assistance. You may also send email to
For resident who is still not a BSRA member, we welcome and invite you to be a member of BRSA by calling Miss Devi at 012-2001269 or drop us an email at

Thank you
Balakrishna A/L Arumugam
President, BSRA
August 2009